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Allegro DVT launches HEVC Scalable Extension (SHVC) compliance streams
Jan 18, 2016 – Allegro DVT has announced the immediate availability of HEVC Scalability Extension (a.k.a. SHVC) test suites to help manufacturers developing SHVC compliant decoders validate the conformance of their implementation with the SHVC standard.
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TPV adopts Allegro DVT DVB HEVC System compliance streams
Dec 10, 2015 – Allegro DVT has announced that TPV, a manufacturer of monitors and LCD TVs, has adopted Allegro DVT's DVB HEVC System compliance streams for the validation of a new range of HEVC-enabled LCD TV models.
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Allegro DVT unveils VP9 compliance streams
Jun 4, 2015 – Allegro DVT has announced the addition of VP9 test bitstreams to its product portfolio. IC vendors developing VP9 compliant decoders are now able leverage Allegro DVT's technology to validate their VP9 decoder implementation.
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T-Mobile launches mobile TV with Allegro DVT transcoders
Mar 2, 2015 – Allegro DVT has announced that T-Mobile Czech Republic is launching Mobile TV. T-Mobile has selected Allegro DVT's transcoders to build the OTT platform that makes the Mobile TV service available to T-Mobile's 6 million subscribers.
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Allegro DVT showcases HEVC/H.265 video encoder IP at IBC 2014
Sep 9, 2014 – At IBC 2014, Allegro DVT will perform a live demonstration of its HEVC/H.265 encoder IP core. The demonstration will be conducted on a prototyping platform, demonstrating the features and video quality of the IP.
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Allegro DVT releases MV-HEVC and DVB HEVC compliance streams
Sep 9, 2014 – Allegro DVT has released HEVC/H.265 compliance streams, to cover the recently introduced extensions to the initial HEVC standard. This includes HEVC/H.265 Range Extensions and Multi-View Extensions.
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Allegro DVT unveils hardware HEVC/H.265 encoder IP
Feb 7, 2014 – Allegro DVT has announced an HEVC/H.265 encoder IP core. With the already available HEVC/H.265 decoder and H.264 encoder/decoder IPs, the encoder completes Allegro DVT’s multi-format codec silicon IP portfolio.
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Allegro DVT adds 10-bit support to HEVC decoder silicon IP
Jul 19, 2013 – Allegro DVT has announced the industry's first fully compliant HEVC decoding IP that supports both Main and Main10 profiles. The Main10 profile was specifically designed to improve 4K content video quality thanks to 10 bit color depth support.
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Allegro DVT Showcases HEVC/H.265 Video Decoder IP at MWC13
Feb 25, 2013 – At the Mobile World Congress, Allegro DVT will present on its booth its HEVC/H.265 Hardware Decoding IP, H.264 Hardware Encoding & Codec IPs, WiGig WDE Codec IP, and HEVC/H.265 Compliance Streams.
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