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Smart homes in Europe and North America reached 45 million in 2017
Sep 24, 2018 – According to a research report from Berg Insight, the number of smart homes in Europe and North America reached 45 million in 2017. The most advanced smart home market is North America, having an installed base of 22.3 million smart homes at the end of the year.
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Seiki, Westinghouse and Element Electronics introduce Amazon Fire Smart TVs
Jan 3, 2017 – Seiki, Westinghouse Electronics and Element Electronics have announced at CES 2017 a line of 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs – Amazon Fire TV Edition, featuring the Amazon Fire TV experience and support for a voice remote with Amazon Alexa.
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High-end gateways and STBs crowding out broadband routers
Nov 26, 2014 – Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest home networking report. The residential gateway and broadband router segments will continue to move in opposite directions as operators provide more advanced WiFi gateways to consumers.
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Belkin announces Miracast Video Adapter HDMI dongle
Dec 30, 2013 – Belkin has announced its Miracast Video Adapter, a small HDMI dongle that wirelessly displays content from an Android phone directly to an HDTV. Miracast mirrors the screen of your Android smartphone.
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Sales of set-top boxes with embedded MoCA grew 23% in 2H12
May 20, 2013 – Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest Home Networking Devices report. According to the report, the home networking device market totaled $4.9 billion in the second half of 2012 (2H12), a 5% increase over the first half of 2012 (1H12).
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Belkin launches Dyle™ Mobile TV Receiver for iPad/iPhone
May 15, 2013 – Belkin has announced the availability of its receiver accessory for Dyle™ mobile TV. Paired with the Dyle™ TV app, the receiver makes live broadcast television available, without an Internet connection, to iOS device users in 37 major markets across the USA.
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North America Is Home Networking Leader, Thanks to MoCA
Jun 25, 2012 – Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest Home Networking Devices report. MoCA embedded set-top boxes (STBs), FTTB ONTs, coax-Ethernet adapters, and WiFi broadband routers are driving growth in the home networking device market.
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Belkin Introduces @TV; Brings Live and Recorded Content to Mobile Devices
Jun 21, 2012 – Belkin has announced a way to watch, record, and experience TV content at home or on the go with @TV. @TV works over Wi-Fi® or a 3G/4G network and allows users to access all content from their home theatre on tablets, smartphones, and laptops.
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Belkin & Siano Announce Collaborative Efforts to Promote Mobile Digital TV via New Products
Jan 10, 2012 – Belkin and Siano have announced a collaborative partnership that will enable both companies to design, develop and market high-quality mobile digital TV solutions.
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