Digital TV News: CLIMAX

2019 flat-panel display driver IC shipments exhibit negative growth
Oct 29, 2019 – According to WitsView, reduced panel shipments are causing the demand for flat-panel display driver ICs to undergo a corresponding decline. 2019 YoY growth is projected to be -3.2% - the first instance of negative growth in recent years.
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NEOTION shows smart home solution with Climax sensors at MWC17
Feb 27, 2017 – NEOTION and CLIMAX are co-exhibiing at Mobile World Congress 2017. The range of Climax connected sensors, as part of NEOTION's Neohome catalog, allow any operator to enter the smart home market.
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NEOTION launches smart home solution for operators at MWC17
Feb 27, 2017 – NEOTION has announced the commercial launch of its Neohome smart home solution combining a home automation gateway and a wide range of plug and play devices, aimed at fixed and mobile operators.
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The Venture Reality Fund and LucidWeb release European VR company survey
Feb 7, 2017 – The Venture Reality Fund (The VR Fund) has released its first-ever European virtual reality (VR) landscape, featuring dozens of companies developing infrastructure, tools/platforms and/or apps for the booming ecosystem.
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NEOTION selects Climax Technology for its Neohome catalog of smart home devices
Sep 7, 2016 – NEOTION has selected Climax Technology to become a partner for its Neohome wireless accessories. The NEOTION and Climax partnership combines Climax' expertise in telecoms and RF technologies with NEOTION home automation to provide a seamless smart home solution.
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Verizon introduces FiOS Quantum TV service
Apr 1, 2014 – Verizon has announced the introduction of FiOS Quantum TV, which includes the ability to record up to 12 shows at once; pause and rewind live TV on any TV in the home; and store up to 200 hours of HD programs.
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Airtel launches SD set-top box with external storage
Oct 27, 2013 – Airtel Digital TV has launched a new standard definition (SD) set-top-box. The new box will allow customers to enjoy recording by just plugging-in an external storage device, allowing users to pause any TV show, even live programmes, for a quick TV break.
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BSkyB launches £9.99 NOW TV HDMI dongle
Jul 26, 2013 – The £9.99 (~$15) NOW TV Box measures 84mm x 84mm x 24mm, plugs into a TV set via HDMI, and connects to the internet over the user's wireless home network. NOW TV offers terrestrial catch-up, pay-as-you-go sport and movies on demand.
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Hong Kong's i-CABLE adds 30k pay TV subscribers in 1H09
Aug 11, 2009 – i-CABLE Communications (Hong Kong:1097) has released its Interim Results Announcement for the six months ended June 30, 2009. Pay TV subscribers increased by 30,000 or 3% in the period to 947,000.
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