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Chips&Media announces small multi-standard video codec IP
Aug 11, 2015 – Chips&Media has announced the availability of CODA7Q - ultra small size new multi-standard video codec IP targeting for low end AP market. CODA7Q is an updated version of CODA7L supporting HEVC (H.265) Decoder IP in a single core.
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Chips&Media releases HEVC/VP9 decoder IP with 10bit support
Apr 16, 2015 – Chips&Media has announced the introduction of a multi decoder IP, WAVE412, which provides the industry’s first support for both HEVC (H.265) and WebM VP9 targeted for multimedia SoCs with 4K UHD capability.
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RDA selects Chips&Media HD video IP for mobile and DTV platforms
Mar 25, 2015 – Chips&Media has announced that RDA Microelectronics has integrated the Chips&Media’s HD multi-standard codec core into its new family of SoC designs, which is available on the market.
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Chips&Media and Realtek expand UltraHD HEVC SoC collaboration
Jun 5, 2014 – Chips&Media has announced that its reference design partnership with Realtek has resulted in several new design wins for HEVC built-in STB/OTT models from various China and international brands.
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Chips&Media licenses AVS+ IP to over 10 customers
May 12, 2014 – Chips&Media has announced its CODA966 and CODA988, the first AVS+ enabled cores, have been licensed to over 10 customers.
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Chips&Media delivers AVS+ cores for set-top box in China
Aug 2, 2013 – Chips&Media has announced that it has delivered its CODA966 and CODA988, the first AVS+ enabled cores, to a couple of leading semiconductor companies. The new AVS+ standard is already being used on a trial basis for 3D satellite broadcasting in China.
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Chips&Media announces HEVC video decoder IP
Apr 25, 2013 – Chips&Media has introduced the industry's first hardware HEVC decoder IP core supporting up to Ultra HD resolution. Chips&Media's WAVE410 HEVC decoder targets a range of evices that are capable of 4K video playback from smartphones to UHDTV/UHD set-top boxes.
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Chips&Media to Exhibit its latest Video IP at CES 2012
Jan 9, 2012 – Chips&Media has announced that it will showcase its latest video technology at CES 2012. Chips&Media will introduce the newest member in its CODA9™ Series, which is specially designed for the internet connected devices.
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Novatek Selects Chips&Media's HD video technology for Set-top Box and DTV Platforms
Dec 2, 2010 – Chips&Media has announced that Novatek Microelectronics has integrated the Chips&Media's HD multi-standard decoder core into its new family of SoC designs.
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