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Africa set to deploy digital television
Sep 5, 2013 – Frequency coordination negotiations have succeeded in setting up the mechanism to deploy digital television in 47 Sub-Saharan African countries. The consolidation of national plans is in conformity with the deadlines set in 2006 at ITU RRC-06.
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Kenya removes conditional access requirement for DTT set-top boxes
Aug 28, 2012 – The price of digital terrestrial TV set-top boxes in Kenya is expected to fall after the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) removed the requirement that all STBs must have integrated conditional access.
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Kenya invites bids for broadcasting signal distribution licences
Feb 16, 2011 – The Communications Commission of Kenya has advertised a tender for two more digital television signal distribution licences in an effort to fast-track migration from analogue to digital TV broadcasting ahead of Kenya's 2012 switchover deadline.
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NGB to partner with KBC to provide Digital Pay TV services in Kenya
Feb 15, 2010 – Next Generation Broadcasting AB (NGB) has confirmed plans to enter the Kenyan market. NGB Kenya will launch its bouquet of Pay TV services under the brand name SMART TV using the latest digital TV service based on the MPEG 4 technology.
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