Digital TV News: Digital Living Network Alliance

ViXS and ProVision Develop Wi-Fi enabled thin-client STB reference design
Sep 6, 2012 – ViXS Systems has announced a reference design based on its XCode® 4205 client SoC and leveraging antennae and WiFi software from Global Invacom's ProVision unit. The combination transforms the client into a cost-effective and efficient IP STB.
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ViXS powers Sony 'Nasne' Networked Recorder And Media Storage Device
Aug 30, 2012 – ViXS Systems has announced that its XCode 4210 powers the Sony (Tokyo: 6758; NYSE: SNE) PS3 networked recorder and media storage device called 'Nasne'. The XCode 4210 is a network media processor and transcoding single chip System on Chip (SoC).
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RVU Alliance™ Remote User Interface Now Included in DLNA® Interoperability Guidelines
Mar 19, 2012 – The Digital Living Network Alliance® (DLNA®) and the RVU Alliance™ have announced that the RVU Alliance Remote User Interface (RUI) has been incorporated into the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines.
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DLNA® Approves HomePlug AV and HD-PLC Powerline Networking for Increased Digital Home Connectivity
Mar 12, 2012 – The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), HomePlug Powerline Alliance and HD-PLC Alliance have announced that the HomePlug AV and HD-PLC powerline networking standards have been approved for incorporation into DNLA's Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines.
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ViXS® Announces Quad Transcoding with MoCA2.0 for DOCSIS Media Gateways
Mar 9, 2012 – ViXS Systems has announced two System on Chip (SoC) solutions enabling DOCSIS media gateways: the XCode 5191, a quad HD to HD transcoder, in production today, and the XConnex 1030 MoCA2.0 solution, general sampling in Q2 2012.
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Monsoon Multimedia and Zenverge Partner to Deliver Placeshifting and DVR Functionality to CE OEMs
Jan 10, 2012 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced that it has selected Zenverge's ZN200 Quad-Stream Transcoder to work with Monsoon's placeshifting and DVR software to enable HD streaming to multiple mobile devices for major OEMs.
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DLNA® Premium Video Enables Delivery of TV Programs and Movies to DLNA Certified® Products
Jan 10, 2012 – The Digital Living Network Alliance® (DLNA®) has announced the introduction of DLNA Premium Video. With DLNA Premium Video, service providers can allow consumers to stream their favorite television programs and movies to DLNA Certified® products.
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ViXS® and Morega Team up to Power Digital Media Hub for Consumer Content
Jan 5, 2012 – ViXS Systems and Morega Systems have announced a strategic partnership to enable, for the first time, the seamless access and streaming of premium, personal, and user-generated content to and from multiple devices within the home.
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Axentra HipServ® NAS Media Software available on ViXS® XCode® 4208 Network Media Processor
Jan 4, 2012 – ViXS Systems has announced that Axentra has integrated its HipServ NAS software on ViXS' XCode 4208 Media Processor SoC providing consumers with a unique and simple home cloud experience.
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