Digital TV News: Dyle

Broadcasters Gear Up for 2012 Commercial Mobile DTV
Apr 13, 2012 – Devices based on the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard are coming to NAB 2012 on a variety of different platforms, including receivers for the car, portable TVs, iPad accessories, and other mobile products designed to bring Mobile DTV to viewers wherever they go.
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Belkin and MCV Team to Enable Mobile Devices to Receive Dyle™ Mobile TV Signals
Jan 9, 2012 – Belkin and Mobile Content Venture (MCV) have announced an agreement that will enable smartphone and tablet users of multiple operating systems to watch live broadcast programming on-the-go through MCV's Dyle Mobile TV.
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U.S. Mobile Digital TV Expands to 120 Stations
Jan 6, 2012 – The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) has announced that a wide array of device manufacturers, service operators and technology companies will feature at the Mobile DTV TechZone during next week's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.
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Mobile Content Venture to Demo Dyle™ Mobile TV at CES 2012
Jan 5, 2012 – The Mobile Content Venture (MCV) has announced that it will exhibit and demonstrate its Dyle™ Mobile TV service at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV.
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MetroPCS Partners with Mobile Content Venture to Bring Live DTV to Mobile Phones via Dyle™ Mobile TV Service
Jan 4, 2012 – MetroPCS (NYSE: PCS) and the Mobile Content Venture (MCV) have announced that they are partnering to enable MetroPCS customers to watch live, local broadcast television on their mobile phones, using ATSC-Mobile technology.
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Mobile Digital Television on Track to Reach Two-Thirds of U.S. Households by Early Next Year
Aug 4, 2011 – Mobile Digital Television is on track to reach two-thirds of U.S. households by early 2012. In addition, the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) announced that its Mobile DTV Trust Authority, managed by Neustar, is now operational.
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