Digital TV News: European Broadcasting Union

EBU Members offered free applications to 'fast-track' launch of HbbTV
Feb 2, 2012 – European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Members will be offered generic applications to deploy Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) during the Olympics and the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), when audiences peak.
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EBU drive will bring Hybrid TV into European homes in 2012
Dec 1, 2011 – More than 20 EBU Members have agreed to collaborate to unlock the full potential of Hybrid TV for a European rollout of the technology in 2012. The announcement came as the EBU opened its 67th General Assembly, at the EBU headquarters, in Geneva.
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Protecting TV services from harmful interference from mobile telecoms terminals
Sep 9, 2011 – DigiTAG, the EBU, BNE and ACT have jointly issued a further set of formal recommendations aimed at ensuring the adoption of technical safeguards to protect from harmful interference television services delivered by digital terrestrial.
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European Broadcasting Union to present tech advances made by public service broadcasters, at IBC
Aug 31, 2011 – At IBC, the European Broadcasting Union will demonstrate live end-to-end 1080p/50 transmissions between Frankfurt, Geneva and Amsterdam, and provide comparisons, in the 1080p HDTV format, between H.264 and VP8 for web-based video encoding.
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EBU publishes DVB-T2 planning guidance
May 18, 2011 – The EBU has published a report on network and frequency planning for DVB-T2 terrestrial television services. It is complementary information to the ETSI system specification and implementation guideline and the corresponding DVB Blue Books.
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EBU publishes Principles for Internet-Connected and Hybrid Television
Apr 15, 2011 – The EBU has adopted its 'Principles for Internet-Connected and Hybrid Television' which, if applied, it believes could deliver lower costs, greater choice and a better viewing experience for consumers.
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P2P-Next Project presents world's first video end-to-end streaming distribution
Sep 11, 2008 – P2P-Next, a pan-European conglomerate of 21 partners, has released its first version of NextShare, an Open Source P2P video delivery platform, at IBC 2008. NextShareTV is a set-top box implementation running on low-cost embedded hardware.
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European research project to shape next generation internet TV
Feb 19, 2008 – P2P-Next has received a €14 million grant from the European Union to carry out a research project aiming to identify the potential uses of peer-to-peer (P2P) technology for Internet Television of the future.
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TVNZ To Go HDTV For Beijing Olympics
Sep 28, 2007 – TVNZ will introduce High Definition TV on the Freeview Digital Terrestrial platform (DTT), which is timed to go live during the first half of next year.
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