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Roku celebrates 70 million active accounts
Jan 5, 2023 – Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) has announced that its global active accounts now exceed 70 million, up from 60.1 million in Q4 2021. Streaming hours were 23.9 billion in Q4 and 87.4 billion for full year 2022, a 19% increase Y-o-Y.
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Roku unveils Roku TV OLED reference design
Jan 4, 2023 – Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) has announced a Roku TV OLED TV reference design, available to all Roku TV partners. Since the first Roku TV model, 11 Roku TV reference designs have gone into production – from 2K, to 4K, to 8K, and now OLED.
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Roku launches Roku-branded TVs for the U.S. market
Jan 4, 2023 – Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) has announced the launch of Roku Select and Roku Plus Series TVs. These Roku-branded HD and 4K TVs, the first to be both designed and made by Roku, will be available in the U.S. in spring 2023.
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Roku introduces The Roku Channel in Mexico
Oct 13, 2022 – Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) has announced the arrival of The Roku Channel in Mexico. The Roku Channel is a free streaming channel available on Roku devices that offers users access to thousands of movies and TV episodes.
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Roku enabled for four-screen measurement in Nielsen Total Ad Ratings
Sep 29, 2022 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) has announced that Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) will enable four-screen measurement for the first time across traditional TV, connected TV, desktop, and mobile in Nielsen Total Ad Ratings.
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Roku and Walmart launch onn. Roku TV models in Canada
May 25, 2022 – Roku and Walmart Canada have announced the launch of onn. Roku TV models. The TVs will be available in Canada and sold exclusively in-store and online at Walmart starting this month.
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CNN+ launches on the Roku platform in the U.S.
Apr 11, 2022 – CNN+ has launched in the United States on the Roku platform. The Roku channel store will contain both the CNN+ subscription service app and access to the existing TV everywhere experience for pay TV subscribers.
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Roku brings Nielsen audience guarantees to its ad buying platform
Feb 1, 2022 – Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU) has launched Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) audience guarantees on OneView, making OneView the first ad buying platform to enable Nielsen guarantees across TV streaming.
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Roku #1 TV streaming platform in Canada
Jan 27, 2022 – Roku is the #1 TV streaming platform in Canada, based on hours streamed, according to a study conducted by the Hypothesis Group. Canadian Roku users are streaming a wide variety of entertainment on the Roku platform.
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