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24i acquires Nordija
May 27, 2021 – 24i has announced that it has acquired privately-held Nordija. The companies will combine their expertise to drive the development of their TVaaS offerings, enabling scale in their key markets.
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Lattelecom introduces Helio iTV interactive television
Apr 25, 2018 – Lattelecom has introduced a new brand under the name Helio, with interactive television as the first messenger of the brand. Customers will begin to test the new Helio iTV service in late May.
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Lattelecom Adopts Thomson Video Networks' ViBE™ VS7000 for IPTV and Multi-platform Video Services
Oct 10, 2012 – Thomson Video Networks has announced that Lattelecom has installed Thomson's ViBE™ VS7000 multi-screen video platform. The system provides encoding for Lattelecom's new range of Web and mobile TV services, as well as SD, HD, and 3D IPTV offerings.
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European Fibre Leaders Welcome Turkey to Their Ranks
Feb 9, 2011 – The second half of 2010 was a period of accelerated growth in FTTH networks, both in terms of buildings passed and subscribers connected, the FTTH Council Europe revealed in a presentation to journalists at the FTTH Conference in Milan.
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Lattelecom finishes 2009 with 55,000 pay-TV viewers
Jan 5, 2010 – Lattelecom concluded the year with 55,000 pay-TV subscribers. The bulk of the subscribers were Lattelecom IPTV users, with the number reaching 43,000. The remainder were viewers who have chosen to subscribe to Lattelecom's terrestrial TV service.
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Lattelecom Interactive TV subscriber count reaches 30 thousand
Aug 20, 2009 – Latvian leading electronic service, Lattelecom, has rewarded its 30,000th subscriber with an LCD TV, gift cards, and a year's free subscription. Lattelecom has added 20,000 subscribers in less than a year.
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Lattelecom Introduces Terrestrial TV
Aug 13, 2009 – Lattelecom has introduced Terrestrial TV, thus beginning the transfer from analogue to digital television broadcasts. European Union law states that Latvia must complete this transition by 2012.
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Lattelecom Terrestrial to be Available Throughout Latvia by Year-End
Apr 15, 2009 – Lattelecom's Terrestrial TV services will be available throughout Latvia by the end of 2009, the company has announced. The system is being tested right now and, at the end of April, Lattelecom will begin to also test pay channels.
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Lattelecom Announces New-Generation TV
Jan 27, 2009 – The Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has decided that Lattelecom will be the provider of digital terrestrial television programming. Terrestrial broadcasts will be based on state-of-the-art technologies such as MPEG-4 compression.
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