Digital TV News: Loewe

Amino launches TV App store - powered by Opera - at IBC 2013
Sep 13, 2013 – Amino Communications (AIM: AMO) is to partner with Opera Software in the delivery of the Amino TV App Store for its Live Home Media Centre - powered by Opera Software's Opera TV Store application platform, and providing hundreds of free apps.
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Changhong integrates Opera Devices SDK
Sep 10, 2013 – Opera Software has announced that Changhong will integrate the Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) with its latest line of Smart TVs. This gives Changhong viewers a passport to hundreds of apps through the Opera TV Store.
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Opera expands in China TV market with Konka
Sep 6, 2013 – Opera Software and Konka have announced that the Opera TV Store app platform, Opera TV browser and Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) have now landed on Konka's newest Smart TV.
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Hisense, Loewe establish strategic cooperation
Aug 6, 2013 – Loewe has announced that Hisense will provide the company with the latest TV panel and smart TV software technology in a move to assist it in expanding in the premium TV market. In turn, Loewe will offer Hisense a distribution network in Western Europe.
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Loewe Selects Trident's DTV Chipset for 3D HD Televisions
Sep 13, 2011 – Trident Microsystems (NASDAQ: TRID) has announced that Trident's PNX5130 has been chosen to power Loewe's newly announced Individual Compose 3D line of HD televisions.
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Loewe Selects Trident DTV Chipset For High-end 'Individual' HD Televisions
Sep 24, 2010 – Trident Microsystems (NASDAQ: TRID) has announced that the Trident PNX5120 chipset and DRX-K demodulator have been chosen to power Loewe's newly announced Individual line of HD televisions.
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McObject's Embedded Database Expands Marketing Reach of Loewe Opta's Digital Televisions
Sep 15, 2010 – McObject has announced that Loewe Opta has released new digital television models with electronic programming guide (EPG) software based on eXtremeDB Fusion, ensuring fast access to schedules, programs and other data.
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Philips, Sharp and Loewe aim to create common platform for connected TVs
Sep 3, 2010 – Philips, creator of Net TV - a portal for online content applications on Philips TVs - is cooperating with Sharp and Loewe to define a common internet platform for connected TVs and other internet-enabled electronic devices across Europe and Russia.
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Loewe selects Opera to deliver premium Web technology to connected TVs
Mar 23, 2010 – Opera Software has announced that its Opera Devices SDK 10.15 for Linux was selected by Loewe. Opera for connected TVs is designed to serve as a one-stop shop for delivering superior content that is optimized for the television screen.
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