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Viasat Nordic satellite subscriber base continues to decline
Feb 13, 2013 – Modern Times Group (MTG) [Stockholm: MTGA, MTGB] has announced results for the quarter ended 31 December 2012. Viasat's Nordic satellite subscriber base ended 2012 at 592,000, down from 603,000 at the end of the previous quarter and from 638,000 at the end of 2011.
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MTG launches new pre-paid satellite pay-TV service in Ukraine
Sep 25, 2012 – Modern Times Group (STO: MTGA, MTGB) has announced that it has launched 'UA.TV', a pre-paid satellite pay-TV service in Ukraine. UA.TV is sold on a monthly pre-paid basis and is available alongside MTG's Viasat Ukraine satellite pay-TV platform.
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Viaplay selects Irdeto to secure OTT on iPhone and iPad
Jul 3, 2012 – Irdeto (JSE: NPN) has announced that Viaplay, the OTT company of MTG (Stockholm: MTGA, MTGB), is using Irdeto ActiveCloak for Media to allow it to expand the range of devices from which consumers can view premium content, starting with the iPhone and iPad.
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Viaplay launches advanced TV streaming services with Netgem in Sweden
Jun 12, 2012 – Netgem (Paris: NTG FP 7537; ETGM) has been selected by Viaplay (Stockholm: MTGA, MTGB) to supply its Viaplay Box. The Viaplay box offers viewers OTT-delivered TV channels, free to air terrestrial channels and Viaplay services in one single set-top box.
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MTG's Viaplay pay-TV service now available on Samsung Smart TV sets
Aug 31, 2011 – MTG (STO: MTGA,MTGB) has announced that it has entered into a strategic cooperation with Samsung Electronics Nordic. MTG's Viaplay service is now available on all 2011 Samsung Smart TVs and 2010 [email protected] sets across the Nordic region.
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MTG launches 'Viaplay' multi-screen on-demand pay-TV service
Feb 23, 2011 – MTG (OMX: MTGA, MTGB) has announced that it will launch an on-demand pay-TV service in Scandinavia in March. The service - Viaplay - will enable a subscriber to use a single ID and password to access Viasat pay-TV content on any internet-connected device.
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MTG Launches Viasat 3D
Dec 16, 2010 – Modern Times Group (STO:MTGB, MTGA) has announced that Viasat Broadcasting is the first Scandinavian pay-TV operator to launch a 3D TV service. Viasat 3D is now available to satellite subscribers through Viasat's digital OnDemand set-top box.
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MTG Makes OnDemand Pay-TV Offering Available on Internet Enabled Televisions
Nov 11, 2010 – MTG (OMX: MTGA, MTGB) has entered into a cooperation with LG Electronics (KSE: 066570) in the Nordic region. Viasat is making its Viasat OnDemand internet pay-TV services available directly on all LG TV sets enabled with NetCast functionality.
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Viasat Nordic DTH down 15,000 in 1Q10
Apr 20, 2010 – MTG (OMX: MTGA, MTGB) has announced results for the quarter ended 31 March 2010. For the period, Viasat added 3,000 net premium IPTV and satellite (DTH) subscribers in the Nordic region, and 8,000 net DTH subscribers in the Baltics and Ukraine.
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