Digital TV News: Malata

Massive Wave of WHDI Products Announced at CES
Jan 5, 2011 – WHDI LLC has announced that, together with leading WHDI technology supplier AMIMON, they will demonstrate numerous new WHDI products, technology innovations and future product designs at the International CES show.
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Malata Selects Xceive Smart Silicon Tuner for Latest Digital Television Line
Jun 2, 2008 – Xceive has announced that Malata has integrated the Xceive's XC5000 tuner IC within 19-inch and 22-inch integrated digital/analog television sets aimed for the European and Australian markets.
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CCID Consulting Analyzes the Mobile TV Industry in China
Oct 31, 2007 – At present, the digital mobile TV industry is confronted with three problems. Firstly, there is no uniform operating procedures. Secondly, there are still technical bottlenecks. Thirdly is its content.
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