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Sharp to ship 4K NEXT UltraHD TV featuring Espial HTML5 client
Jun 4, 2015 – Espial has announced that Sharp will begin shipping their newest lineup of AQUOS 4K NEXT (8K Resolution) UltraHD LCD televisions which incorporate Espial's HTML5 Client software in July 2015 in Japan.
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Fixed broadband subscribers to approach 1 billion in 2019
Apr 9, 2015 – According to Infonetics Research (NYSE: IHS) fixed broadband subscribers grew 8% in 2014, reaching 733 million as service providers continue to steadily add subscribers. Subscriber growth is being driven by FTTH and DOCSIS 3.0.
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NTT develops world's first professional 4K H.265/HEVC real time encoder LSI
Mar 26, 2015 – NTT has announced that it has developed a real time 4K/60p ultra-high definition video encoder LSI in conformance with H.265/HEVC, the latest international video coding standard. It is the first LSI to comply with the Main 4:2:2 10 profile.
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MPEG LA expands HEVC license coverage
Mar 19, 2015 – MPEG LA has announced that the coverage of its HEVC Patent Portfolio License has been updated to conform with recent revisions to the HEVC standard as defined in Recommendation ITU-T H.265 v2 (10/2014).
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Ultra HD and HEVC set-top box shipments to explode
Nov 11, 2014 – ​Worldwide Ultra HD capable set-top box shipments will reach 48 million by 2020, while the market for HEVC set-top boxes will rise even further to 88 million units, according to ABI Research. Early prototypes have been based primarily on Broadcom or ViXS decoders.
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NTT adds 4K Range Extensions support to H.265/HEVC codec SDK
Aug 19, 2014 – NTT Advanced Technology (NTT-AT) has announced that it has launched an upgraded version of its HEVC-1000 SDK, a software CODEC development kit compliant with the H.265/HEVC video coding standards.
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NTT to release H.265/HEVC decoder for 4K TV
Jun 10, 2014 – NTT Advanced Technology has announced that it will launch in August 2014 its 'H.265/HEVC Decoder Appliance' ready for the 4K 'Range Extensions' Profile (4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit video).
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ViXS Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results
Jun 5, 2014 – ViXS Systems (TSX:VXS) has reported its first quarter fiscal 2015 results for the period ended April 30, 2014. ViXS reported Q1FY15 revenue of $7.4 million, total comprehensive loss of $5.1 million and non-IFRS net loss of $4.5 million.
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PacketVideo Twonky extends capabilities of NOTTV in TV BOX
May 21, 2014 – PacketVideo (PV) has announced that its Twonky SDK technology will extend NOTTV capabilities through several new devices and apps being released by NTT DOCOMO, including TV BOX.
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