Digital TV News: NetRange

Express Luck chooses NetRange Smart TV portal
Sep 5, 2017 – Via the NetRange Smart TV Portal, users of Express Luck in Europe but also throughout SE Asia and Latin America can enjoy a rich variety of content in over 60 languages, including live channels, premium VoD and Catch Up TV, music, sport, news, games and many other services.
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NetRange Smart TV Portal now available on KTC devices
Sep 1, 2017 – KTC and NetRange are joining forces. By integrating the NetRange Smart TV Portal, KTC devices will be giving access to content in over 60 languages, including live channels, premium VoD and Catch Up TV, music, sport, news, games and many other services.
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Foxconn chooses NetRange for smart TV ecosystems
Sep 5, 2016 – Foxconn and NetRange have announced that thanks to NetRange’s Smart TV technology, Foxconn will be able to equip its TV devices with a complete, turnkey middleware and be the first OEM to deliver ready-to-go products to the numerous renowned brands it produces for.
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Okko and NetRange join forces in Smart TV
Aug 25, 2016 – NetRange has finalized a content deal with Okko, Russia’s leading paid Video on Demand service offering Hollywood and local content. Okko customers can stream HD movies, series, and cartoons legally and without advertising.
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Skyworth deploys SERAPHIC TV Browser in smart TVs for Europe
Mar 29, 2016 – Skyworth has declared its adoption of SERAPHIC's Blink-based Sraf TV Browser in its connected TVs. SERAPHIC has a greater than 80 percent share of the world's Blink/Linux-based TV Browser market.
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Grundig counts on NetRange’s TV Portal
Feb 11, 2016 – Grundig and NetRange have announced that they will collaborate on Grundig’s intelligent TV platform Ultralogic 4K, which will run on Grundig's UHD TVs as well as on TV devices of parent company Arcelik.
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MyLiveGuard connected home service added to NetRange Portal
Feb 5, 2016 – MyLiveGuard has announced its launching into the smart home market with NetRange. MyLiveGuard will be integrated into millions of Smart TV’s and Set Top Boxes operated by the company via the NetRange Portal.
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IAV and NetRange to show automotive entertainment platform at CES
Dec 15, 2015 – At CES 2016, IAV and NetRange will be presenting OS.CAR – a platform for digital value-added services in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The platform provides consumers with virtually unrestricted access to movies, linear TV channels, apps and games during a car trip.
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Huawei and NetRange to jointly develop Smart TV OTT ecosystem
Sep 14, 2015 – Huawei and NetRange have announced that they will work in partnership to create a joint OTT ecosystem. The two companies agreed to cooperate with a view to providing content-rich OTT ecosystem services, including linear TV streaming, video on demand and cloud gaming.
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