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PathPartner announces HEVC codec for x86 platforms
Jul 28, 2015 – PathPartner Technology has announced the availability of HEVC encoder and decoder solutions for Intel server class and client (i5, i7) platforms. The decoder supports error resiliency and concealment techniques.
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PathPartner Technology announces hybrid hardware-software HEVC decoder IP
Sep 23, 2014 – PathPartner Technology has announced the availability of the industry's first hybrid HEVC (H.265) decoder partitioned optimally between ARM Cortex-A9 software and FPGA hardware.
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PathPartner announces HEVC (H.265) decoder for ARM Cortex-A processors
Feb 13, 2014 – PathPartner Technology has announced that it has developed a software solution for HEVC decoding which takes advantage of the full capabilities of mobile SoCs built on the latest ARM processors.
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