Digital TV News: Pegatron

Stream TV Networks™ Announces Partnerships with Konka and BOE for 3D TV in China
Jun 28, 2012 – Stream TV Networks has announced that it has solidified partnerships with Konka® (0016.SZ; 2016.SZ) and BOE® (000725.SZ; 200725.SZ) to distribute Ultra-D™ 3D without glasses TVs and the bundled SeeCube™ Conversion Boxes in China.
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Stream TV announces manufacturing partner for Ultra-D 3D without glasses technology
May 16, 2012 – Stream TV Networks has announced a manufacturing partnership with Unihan (Pegatron) for Stream TV's 3D without glasses devices. The 3D without glasses devices will be equipped with Stream TV's proprietary Ultra-D™ technology.
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Mirics to Deliver Live Global TV Recording and Playback via Dual-Tuner Intel-Branded PC Motherboard
May 30, 2011 – Mirics has announced that Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) will deliver global broadcast TV through an upcoming Intel-branded PC Motherboard. Mirics will be previewing the technology at Computex 2011 in Taipei, May 30th - June 4th, 2011.
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NXP Semiconductors and Pegatron introduce the world's first Hybrid DVB-T TV tuner card in half-minicard form factor
Nov 6, 2008 – NXP Semiconductors has announced that Pegatron has achieved the world's first Hybrid DVB-T TV tuner card in half the size of a minicard with the help of NXP's latest generation multistandard TDA18271 silicon tuner.
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