Digital TV News: RiksTV

RiksTV launches Smart TV Apps with Norigin Media
Jan 12, 2021 – RiksTV has now launched on a range of Samsung Tizen Smart TV models. The apps, branded RiksTV and Strim, were developed by Norigin Media, using its React-based TV App Framework.
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Norway's Strim to launch Smart TV apps with Norigin Media
Apr 28, 2020 – Strim, one of the newest streaming services in Norway, owned by TV distributor RiksTV, has chosen Norigin Media to build its new TV Apps on Smart TVs. With this agreement, Strim will expand its streaming service onto large screens.
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Eurofins selected by RiksTV for DTT testing
Nov 8, 2017 – Eurofins Digital Testing has announced that it has been selected by RiksTV, a leading Norwegian digital terrestrial TV (DTTV) provider, to automate monitoring of service availability of RiksTV digital TV and HDTV services.
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RiksTV deploys AdScribe audience measurement and analytics
Oct 10, 2017 – AdScribe has announced that RiksTV has deployed its audience measurement and analytics tool AdScribe Audience to accurately measure live TV; time-shift TV; catch-up TV; and VOD content viewed on connected set-top boxes; Android™ apps; and iOS devices.
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Zenterio and RiksTV launch Smartbox II
Sep 14, 2015 – Zenterio and Norway's RiksTV have announced that they will be rolling out Smartbox II, a hybrid set-top-box with Zenterio OS. Smartbox II supports a faster viewer experience, integrated support for WiFi and a more responsive remote control.
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Zenterio and RiksTV launch support for companion devices in Norway
Mar 3, 2015 – Zenterio has announced that it continues to collaborate with Norway’s second largest pay TV distributor RiksTV. The latest launch includes support for companion devices as well as an improved user interface for a seamless experience of RiksTV’s digital and OTT services.
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RiksTV Uses Ekioh Engines to Launch OTT Services in Norway
Nov 20, 2012 – Ekioh has announced that RiksTV have launched a range of new services in Norway using Ekioh's SVG & HTML engines. The Ekioh engines are at the heart of two new digital hybrid set-top boxes manufactured by Strong which are being sold to Norwegian customers through the retail market.
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ADB And Grundig Enable The Launch Of First Norwegian Push-VOD Offering By RiksTV
Oct 30, 2008 – Advanced Digital Broadcast (SWX:ADBN) has announced that it will supply its DVB-T PVR platform to the Norwegian market under its agreement with Grundig. The DTR 8860 VOD is the first-to-market to fully support RiksTV's push-VOD service.
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Norway - RiksTV reaches 250,000 subscribers
Sep 16, 2008 – Only just over a year after the start of its digital terrestrial television (DTT) service, RiksTV is halfway to its goal of 500,000 subscribers. Yesterday the RiksTV total reached 250,000 customers.
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