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5G could herald another wave of TV disruption
Feb 6, 2017 – TV and video delivery is likely to become a core capability of next generation 5G wireless services according to Strategy Analytics. Recent demonstrations have suggested that 5G will support 1Gbps data throughput rates.
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MPEG LA expands HEVC license coverage
Mar 19, 2015 – MPEG LA has announced that the coverage of its HEVC Patent Portfolio License has been updated to conform with recent revisions to the HEVC standard as defined in Recommendation ITU-T H.265 v2 (10/2014).
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BRIC countries keep Pay-TV market growing despite cable subscriber losses
Jul 30, 2013 – Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its latest Pay TV Services and Subscribers report. Cable makes up the largest portion of the pay-TV market, but this will change by 2017 when satellite grows to more than 40% of total pay-TV revenue.
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Humax Enters Residential Gateway Market
Jul 9, 2012 – Humax (115160.KQ) has announced that the company has become the largest shareholder of MMC Technology, a residential gateway provider. Humax hopes to use MMC Technology expertise to expand its presence in the U.S. residential gateway market.
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Cable Still King of Pay-TV, but Satellite and IPTV Poised for Takeover
Jun 25, 2012 – Infonetics Research has released its latest Pay-TV Services and Subscribers report. The global pay-TV market, including cable, satellite, and IPTV video services, totaled $261 billion in 2011 and is forecast to grow to $371 billion by 2016.
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NDS Implements ARM Technology-Based Secure Mobile Environment with SK Planet in Korea
May 22, 2012 – NDS has announced the implementation of its VideoGuard Connect DRM for HD pay-TV on mobile devices using ARM (LSE:ARM; Nasdaq:ARMH) TrustZone technology with SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK Telecom (NYSE : SKM), Korea's leading telecoms provider.
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Satellite and IPTV Gaining Fast on Cable Video; Netflix, Amazon Threat Insignificant So Far
Nov 1, 2011 – Infonetics Research does not expect OTT to have a significant impact on pay TV subscribers because operators are responding to OTT with their own enhanced delivery offerings. Cable video's share is expected to decline as satellite video increases.
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Pay-TV services market hits $240 billion
May 16, 2011 – Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its Cable, Satellite, and IPTV Video Services and Subscribers report, which tracks the telco Internet protocol television (IPTV), cable video, and satellite video markets.
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SK Telecom unveils 'Hoppin' VOD smartphone
Jan 24, 2011 – South Korea's largest mobile carrier SK Telecom has said that it will release a version of Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone that can also serve as a set-top box, playing content from its Hoppin video on demand service.
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