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BulgariaSat-1 satellite successfully launched
Jun 23, 2017 – BulgariaSat-1 is a geostationary communications satellite which will provide direct-to-home television (DTH) and data communications services to Southeastern Europe and other European regions. It will be located at 1.9°E.
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ABS and Nepal Digital Cable to launch DTH on ABS-2
Dec 23, 2016 – ABS and Nepal Digital Cable (NDC) have signed a multi-transponder agreement to deliver DTH broadcast service to Nepal. The platform will broadcast over 170 TV channels of local and international content.
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SSL to provide satellite for EUTELSAT 7C
Mar 21, 2016 – Space Systems Loral (SSL) has announced that it has been selected to provide a high power all-electric satellite to Eutelsat. The satellite will provide broadcast services to multiple regions including Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey.
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Arianespace to launch ARSAT-2 on September 30, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 – Arianespace has teamed up with two major countries in the southern hemisphere to enhance their satellite telecommunications services: with Australian operator nbn for the Sky Muster satellite, and with Argentine operator ARSAT for ARSAT-2.
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Intelsat announces successful launch of Intelsat 34
Aug 20, 2015 – Intelsat (NYSE: I) has announced that its Intelsat 34 satellite was launched successfully from French Guiana aboard an Ariane 5 vehicle. Intelsat 34 is a C- and Ku-band satellite to be placed into service at the 304.5ºE orbital location.
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Star One C4 satellite begins post-launch manoeuvers
Jul 16, 2015 – Space Systems/Loral (SSL) has announced that a satellite built for Embratel Star One has been launched and is successfully performing post-launch manoeuvers. Star One C4 features 48 Ku-band transponders which will be used for Broadcast Satellite Services at 70°W.
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SSL to provide UHD-capable satellite to B-SAT in Japan
Jun 18, 2015 – Space Systems/Loral (SSL) has announced that it was selected to provide a broadcasting satellite to B-SAT of Japan. The satellite, BSAT-4a, will expand the availability of advanced TV services such as HD and 4K/8K ultra-high definition.
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DIRECTV launches 4K Ultra HD-capable satellite
Dec 6, 2014 – DIRECTV has announced the launch of its DIRECTV 14 satellite. The satellite will be used to deliver 4K Ultra HD TV to viewers’ homes, along with more HD for local markets and will act as a backup for DIRECTV’s existing fleet of six HD satellites.
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DIRECTV Latin America launches DLA-1 satellite
Oct 17, 2014 – DIRECTV Latin America has announced the successful launch of a new satellite, DLA-1, that will enhance the entertainment experience for millions of customers served by DIRECTV’s PanAmericana division beginning in the first half of 2015.
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