Digital TV News: Siano

Siano and LIFIA Team Up to Support Mobile DTV Project in Argentina
Feb 29, 2012 – Siano and LIFIA-UNLP, an IT R&D research group out of Argentina's La Plata University, have announced a combined 'Ginga' DTV solution for Windows and Linux PC applications in mobile devices.
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Belkin & Siano Announce Collaborative Efforts to Promote Mobile Digital TV via New Products
Jan 10, 2012 – Belkin and Siano have announced a collaborative partnership that will enable both companies to design, develop and market high-quality mobile digital TV solutions.
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Mobile500 Alliance Demonstrates End-to-End Solution for Monetizing Mobile DTV at CES®
Jan 9, 2012 – The Mobile500 Alliance has unveiled an end-to-end solution that will enable its member broadcasters to build new revenue streams through Mobile DTV. The solution is to be made available to member companies after beta launch and evaluation in Seattle.
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U.S. Mobile Digital TV Expands to 120 Stations
Jan 6, 2012 – The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) has announced that a wide array of device manufacturers, service operators and technology companies will feature at the Mobile DTV TechZone during next week's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.
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Siano Debuts RallyTV, Bringing Live In-Vehicle Digital TV Directly to Apple, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops
Jan 4, 2012 – Siano has announced the launch of RallyTV, a new platform for the delivery of high-quality, live in-vehicle digital TV for consumers on-the-go. RallyTV enables travelers to enjoy live TV broadcasts directly on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
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ESCORT and Siano Team Up to Give Passengers a Personal TV Experience with iOS Accessory
Dec 22, 2011 – ESCORT and Siano have announced a collaborative agreement to design and market a product that will deliver mobile TV in automobiles via an iOS accessory.
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EXPWAY and Siano team up to support ATSC-M/H and ISDB-Tmm mobile devices
Dec 15, 2011 – EXPWAY and Siano have announced their partnership to deliver top-quality mobile devices. Pairing Siano's mobile ATSC silicon with EXPWAY's middleware enables manufacturers to build their devices faster and to focus on brand-related issues.
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Elgato and Siano partner to deliver digital TV products for Apple devices
Dec 7, 2011 – Elgato and Siano have announced the signing of a collaboration agreement whereby both companies will jointly deliver high-quality solutions for viewing digital TV on Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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Siano Launches Family of Android Applications for CMMB DTV
Oct 18, 2011 – Siano Mobile Silicon has announced the launch of Kàn, an advanced DTV player application for the reception of CMMB live TV broadcasts on Android devices. Kàn is the first member in Siano's Android player family.
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