Digital TV News: Sky UK

PLDT licenses Roku to launch streaming service and player
Sep 9, 2016 – Roku and PLDT have announced that PLDT is the fifth operator that has joined the Roku Powered program, and the first operator in Asia to leverage the Roku streaming platform to deliver TV services to its broadband customers.
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EU accepts commitments by Paramount on cross-border pay-TV services
Jul 26, 2016 – Paramount has committed that within the EEA it will not enforce clauses restricting the ability of broadcasters to accept unsolicited requests for their pay-TV services from consumers located outside their licensed territory.
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Soaring VOD demand significant investment opportunity for European telcos
Jul 14, 2016 – The availability of fast fixed and mobile next generation networks has significantly changed video consumption habits in Europe, driving mobile video, on-demand video and multi-screen viewing, according to Pyramid Research.
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EU objects to cross-border provision of pay-TV services available in UK and Ireland
Jul 23, 2015 – The European Commission has taken the preliminary view that six studios and Sky UK have bilaterally agreed to put in place contractual restrictions that prevent Sky UK from allowing EU consumers located elsewhere to access, via satellite or online, pay-TV services available in the UK and Ireland.
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