Digital TV News: Socionext

Socionext using PowerVR video IP cores in advanced SoCs
Jan 5, 2017 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) has announced that it is collaborating with Socionext on new video and display technologies for multimedia applications. Socionext is using PowerVR video IP cores in its advanced SoCs.
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RSCRYPTO partners with SMI for key management
Dec 13, 2016 – RSCRYPTO has announced a partnership with SypherMedia International (SMI). RSCRYPTO plans to present its CAS-PHI CAS in the first quarter of 2017. As an 'Independent Trust Authority', SMI is to manage the keys for operators.
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NHK develops Super Hi-Vision prototype cable TV receiver
Oct 3, 2016 – NHK, jointly with KDDI, J:COM and Japan Digital Serve, has developed the first prototype compact receiver system for 4K and 8K broadcasts on cable TV - the first with channel bonding technology from NHK.
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Socionext develops ISDB-S3 demodulator with channel bonding option for cable retrans
Sep 29, 2016 – Socionext has developed the world's first demodulator IC that is compatible both with the Advanced Wide-Band Digital Satellite Broadcasting (ISDB-S3) and ITU-T Recommendation J.183 based channel bonding technology.
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Socionext introduces H.264 Full-HD multi-channel codec
Sep 6, 2016 – Socionext has announced the release of SC2M15, a codec IC designed for video transmission equipment. The device is suitable for applications including digital broadcasting and video streaming through Internet Protocol among others.
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Argon Design licenses Argon Streams HEVC to Socionext
Sep 1, 2016 – Argon Design has signed licensing and support agreements for Argon Streams with Socionext. Argon Streams is a set of conformance test bit-streams providing full coverage and verification of HEVC/H.265 video decoders.
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Socionext to demonstrate 8K video decoder IC at NAB
Mar 31, 2016 – Socionext will showcase a complete set of advanced video and broadcast demonstrations for content and service providers at the annual NAB Show. Socionext will highlight its new 8K HEVC decoder device for 8K broadcast receiver systems.
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Socionext demonstrates world's first single-chip 8K video decoder
Mar 23, 2016 – Socionext has introduced the world's first single-chip SoC that can process decoding of 8K resolution HEVC video. Socionext's SCH801A was developed in cooperation with NHK and has successfully performed decoding of 8K test streaming data.
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Socionext integrates TITC frame buffer compression IP
Jun 26, 2015 – Taiwan ImagingTek (TITC) has announced that Socionext has started shipping TV chips with TITC's image compression IP for frame buffer memory reduction. The IP improves power consumption and memory cost, and reduces EMI issues.
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