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Experiencing 'Seamless Digital Home Solution' with Streaming21 and Microsoft at Computex Taipei 2008
Jun 2, 2008 – Streaming21 will join Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to participate in Computex Taipei 2008. With Windows Home Server partners, Microsoft will deliver the excitement of the 'It's better with Windows' connected digital home lifestyle experience.
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Streaming21 Joins Digital Home Alliance with Microsoft Home Server Team
Dec 13, 2007 – Streaming21, along with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), WNC (TSE:6285), Sampo (TSE:1604), Gigabyte (TSE:2376) and Chenbro (8210.TWO) have announced the formation of the Digital Home Alliance at Microsoft Windows Home Server product launch press conference.
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Streaming21 and WNC Revitalize Digital Lifestyles with Microsoft Windows Home Server
Nov 23, 2007 – A strategic lineup of Streaming21, WNC (TSE:6285) and the Microsoft (NASDAQ "MSFT") Embedded Sever team will present their fully-integrated, end-to-end digital home solutions December 5-7 at IPTV World Forum Asia in Singapore.
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Streaming21 Revitalize Karaoke-on-Demand Service for CHT
Oct 18, 2007 – Streaming21 has announced the success of its new Karaoke-on-Demand (KOD) service for Chunghwa Telecom (TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT). Due to its enhanced and intuitive user interface, new personalization features and abundant selection of popular karaoke songs, CHT has achieved significant growth with its new KOD service.
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