Digital TV News: T-Labs

Deutsche Telekom and MediaKind first to stream 6K tiled 360° live sport
Dec 10, 2018 – MediaKind has announced that it has pushed the boundaries of immersive consumer experience of live sport by streaming the world’s first multi-channel 6K 360-degree live sports event in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, Magnum Film, Tiledmedia, INVR.SPACE and Iconic Engine.
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T-Labs develops new concept for the TV of the future
Mar 2, 2015 – Deutsche Telekom's T-Labs has developed a TV-service concept for the future. The concept provides for a 'TV kernel' with a set of basic services, such as free live channels and an EPG. Customers can then customize the service by adding components in keeping with their personal tastes and needs.
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