Digital TV News: TMG

24i Media acquires StreamOne
Mar 21, 2019 – 24i Media has extended its platform’s capabilities by the acquisition of StreamOne. With the acquisition, 24i gets access to the technology of StreamOne, strengthening its ability to integrate with its partners, and to optimize the end user experience.
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Verimatrix and TMG bolster anti-piracy through real-time precision targeting
Apr 11, 2018 – Verimatrix and TMG have announced their initiative to combine capabilities for an end-to-end revenue security solution that combats the growing threat of content redistribution and illegal streaming devices.
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Telegraaf VNDG online video platform to be launched 1 May
Apr 18, 2017 – On 1 May, De Telegraaf will be introducing Telegraaf VNDG, with content relating to news, sports and entertainment that can be viewed by the consumer where, when and how he/she desires.
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IPTV Gathering Steam: Almost 10 Million Television-Over-Broadband Subscribers Worldwide
Apr 18, 2008 – A new report from Telecommunications Management Group (TMG), 'IPTV: The Killer Broadband Application,' forecasts that there will be nearly 60 million Internet Protocol television (IPTV) subscribers worldwide by the end of 2010.
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On Demand Deutschland to content manage Telekom Austria's AON TV VOD service
Jan 31, 2008 – On Demand Deutschland (ODD) has agreed a deal whereby ODD will supply the video on demand (VOD) content services to Telekom Austria's Aon TV VOD service. The Aon TV VOD service is adding around 1,000 new customers per week.
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