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Midcontinent to use aioTV PassBox to add OTT content
Sep 25, 2014 – aioTV has announced that Midcontinent Communications will use the aioTV PassBox to deliver online services, apps and streaming Internet content along with Midcontinent’s existing multi-channel service in a single consumer experience.
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UNE selects aioTV to deliver unified OTT/multi-channel video
May 29, 2014 – aioTV has announced that UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones, a telecom operator in Colombia, will utilize the aioTV platform to combine IP and OTT video with traditional multi-channel content into a single customer experience.
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aioTV unifies 4K Ultra HD and traditional multichannel
Mar 19, 2014 – aioTV has announced release of PassBox 4K, an application platform that unifies 4K and UHD video delivery in the home along side traditional video and OTT services.
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Amino IP/OTT set-top boxes enabled with aioTV Cloud-based Content Platform
Oct 22, 2012 – aioTV has announced that it's aioPro platform has been optimized for Amino's (AIM: AMO) IPTV/OTT set-top boxes. aioTV's video platform aggregates pools of video content to deliver a unified video experience across a range connected devices.
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HBC goes OTT with Amino with successful trials of Freedom Jump companion device
Apr 19, 2012 – Hiawatha Broadband (HBC) of Minnesota is trialling Amino's (AIM:AMO) Freedom Jump OTT media centre. Working closely with aioTv, Amino's Freedom Jump delivers a new layer of content that is blended with HBC's existing branded user interface.
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CodecSys expands OTT Solution by Partnering with aioTV's OTT Video Platform
Apr 18, 2012 – Broadcast International (OTCBB: BCST.OB) and aioTV have announced an alliance. The agreement calls for joint services to be offered to mutual customers and partners who deliver next-generation OTT content.
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aioTV OTT platform optimized for Amino's Aminet A140 IPTV/OTT set-top boxes
Mar 20, 2012 – aioTV has announced the availability of its OTT video platform optimized for Amino's Aminet A140 IPTV/OTT set-top box. The Amino (AIM: AMO) A140 is a device that brings together traditional multi-channel functionality with over-the-top services.
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aioTV and Bluestreak Enable Online Video for Millions of Connected TVs and Devices
Jan 10, 2012 – aioTV has announced that Bluestreak Technology will offer the aioTV service on Bluestreak Technology's MachBlue XT platform making it easy for consumers to discover, experience and share online video on their televisions and other connected devices.
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