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Iliad adds 146k subscribers in 1H09
Aug 4, 2009 – Over the 1st half-year 2009, Iliad (Paris: ILD) consolidated its position as the leading ADSL alternative operator. At 30 June 2009, Iliad's ADSL had a total of 4,371,000 subscribers, compared with 3,134,000 at 30 June 2008.
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Iliad ends Q1 with 4.3 million subscribers
May 6, 2009 – Iliad Group (Paris: ILD) strengthened its position as the leading ADSL alternative operator in France. At 31 March, Free had a subscriber base of 3,531,000 subscribers with Alice having a subscriber base of 806,000.
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Iliad (Free) 2008 Revenues
Feb 12, 2009 – Iliad Group (Paris: ILD)'s 2008 consolidated revenues were €1,565 million, a 29% increase compared to 2007. Free gained 485,000 new subscribers, net of churn, to a total of 3,389,000 subscribers at the end of 2008.
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Cisco on Motorola's heels in IP set-top-box market
Dec 22, 2008 – The Internet protocol television (IPTV) and switched digital video (SDV) equipment market increased 6% sequentially in 3Q08 to $1.4 billion, reports market research firm Infonetics Research.
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Iliad (Free) 3Q 2008 Revenues
Nov 6, 2008 – At 30 September 2008, the Iliad Group (Paris: ILD) had 4,125,000 ADSL subscribers, 3,275,000 under the Free brand and 850,000 under the Alice brand. The Alice acquisition enabled Iliad to meet its 4 million subscriber objective two years in advance.
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Iliad Financial Results 2007
Mar 12, 2008 – During 2007, Iliad delivered strong operational and financial growth. The Group's strategy, which is based on the unbundling of the local loop and growing use of optional value-added services with the Freebox, has enabled a significant improvement in the Group's profitability.
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French Service Provider Free Selects Intellon-Based HomePlug AV Powerline Connectivity for Customer-Installable Triple Play Service Packages
Jan 23, 2008 – Intellon (Nasdaq:ITLN) has announced that Free, a leading French broadband service provider, has selected Intellon's HomePlug AV-compliant powerline communication ICs for use in all Freebox HD service packages in France.
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Freeplug: Freebox HD, the first box with power line communication (PLC) technology at no additional cost
Jan 22, 2008 – Free has announced Freeplug. This innovation, which is included in the broadband offering, uses standard implementation of power line communication (PLC) technology to link two Freebox HD modems.
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Top Ten IPTV Carriers
Jan 14, 2008 – Light Reading has looked around the world and identified the operators that have the most IPTV subscribers and then ranked them in order.
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