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Accenture powers SKY On Demand in the Philippines
Feb 4, 2016 – SKY subscribers in the Philippines can now watch and stream TV shows and movies from cable TV or online anytime, anywhere and on any screen, using Sky on Demand - SKY Cable's newest service – powered by the Accenture Video Solution.
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The world’s love affair with the TV may be coming to an end
Apr 13, 2015 – The television’s popularity as the go-to entertainment device may be ending, according to Accenture (NYSE: ACN). In their survey, television saw uniform, double-digit usage declines among viewers of nearly all ages.
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Stellar growth forecast for some Video Infrastructure Software market segments
Oct 7, 2014 – New Q2 data contained in a complimentary report from Synergy Research Group shows that client software is the fastest growing software category within the video infrastructure software market, followed by headend software.
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Accenture builds on-demand entertainment service for Mediaset
Apr 2, 2014 – Mediaset has turned to Accenture (NYSE:ACN) to create and manage its Mediaset Infinity service, which delivers film and television shows on-demand to a wide array of IP-enabled devices.
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Accenture and KPN develop Google Glass proof of concept for TV use
Feb 23, 2014 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and KPN (NYSE: KPN) have developed a proof of concept using Google Glass and the Accenture Video Solution for interactive TV viewing, storage and control that has the potential to greatly enrich the TV user experience.
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Accenture Selected by KPN to Deliver TV Services to the Dutch Market
Dec 11, 2012 – KPN (NYSE: KPN) has selected Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to develop and maintain television services based on the Accenture Video Solution. Accenture will deliver KPN's interactive TV service to multiple devices (TV, tablets and smartphones).
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Accenture Acquires IPTV Assets from Nokia Siemens Networks
Oct 1, 2012 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has acquired the software and skills of Nokia Siemens Networks IPTV business. The newly-acquired IPTV software, assets and capabilities will be integrated with the Accenture Video Solution.
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Consumers of all Ages are Going 'Over-the-Top'
Apr 11, 2011 – The majority of consumers of all ages in seven major markets around the world are choosing to watch video content over the Internet via their televisions, PCs, smartphones and other electronic devices, according to Accenture (NYSE:ACN).
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The Open IPTV Forum, now consisting of 26 members, publishes its end-to-end Architecture specification
Mar 7, 2008 – The first version of the Service and Platform Requirements document, for both Managed and Open Internet models was released in the autumn of 2007. This document was followed recently by the first Architecture specification.
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