Digital TV News: Aslan Khabliev

UMC deploys SERAPHIC browser on Sharp TVs for Europe
Aug 24, 2016 – SERAPHIC has announced that its Sraf HTML5 browser is to be deployed in Sharp smart TVs, according to the announcement by UMC, the Sharp license holder and the second largest TV manufacturer in Europe.
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UMC, MStar and SERAPHIC to launch Freeview Play-compliant smart TVs in UK
Aug 19, 2016 – UMC is working with MStar and SERAPHIC to roll out Freeview Play-compliant smart TVs in the UK in Q4, 2016. It is not the first time that the three parties have cooperated having together introduced Sharp and Blaupunkt smart TVs for Europe in 2014.
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FOXXUM signs Smart TV agreement with UMC for SHARP brand
Aug 5, 2015 – The European SHARP license holder, UMC Slovakia, and FOXXUM have announced that they have signed an agreement under which FOXXUM will integrate its Smart TV Solution into all newly developed connected SHARP TVs sold in Europe.
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