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South Korea, Japan, China, Australia and Taiwan have highest OTT viability in Asia
Oct 3, 2014 – CASBAA and SNL Kagan recently conducted a webinar detailing how upstart OTT providers are taking on traditional multichannel providers in the fight for Asia Pacific's video customers.
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SNL Kagan Analysis of Asia-Pacific Broadband Indicates Growth Despite Recession
Jul 19, 2010 – In a recent analysis of the Asia-Pacific broadband market, SNL Kagan found that despite recessionary pressures, the region's broadband subscriber base grew 17.7% to 181.4 million in 2009 compared to 154.1 million in 2008.
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Rapid Growth of IPTV Could Fuel Global Multichannel TV Hypercompetition
Mar 18, 2010 – According to SNL Kagan, IPTV is emerging as a strong market alternative in the increasingly competitive global multichannel space. IPTV, which accounted for only 0.01% of multichannel households in 2003, grew to 4.9% of pay-TV subscribers in 2009.
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SNL Kagan study sees growth in Latin American DTH and IPTV
Apr 16, 2008 – SNL Kagan's newest study, 'Global Multichannel Special Report: Trends in LatAm Telecom Insurgence,' explores pay-TV competition in Latin America and how international telecoms Telefónica and Telmex are capitalizing on market opportunities.
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SNL Kagan Publishes Global HDTV Study
Nov 8, 2007 – "Global High Definition Television Trends," a new study from SNL Kagan, reports that pay-TV operators are increasingly using HDTV service to distinguish themselves in competitive markets.
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