Digital TV News: Boxer

Boxer subscriptions fall slightly due to tough competition in the mature Swedish digital TV market
Jan 14, 2009 – On 31 December 2008, Boxer had 689,000 digital TV subscriptions. The number of subscriptions fell by just under three percent during the year, from 709,000 at the beginning of the year.
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Swedish AirplusTV closes Digital Terrestrial pay-TV deal with Telecom Italia
Dec 2, 2008 – AirplusTV Group and Telecom Italia Media finalized the agreement for the transfer of all activities concerning the Digital Terrestrial pay-TV platform La7 Cartapi'u to the Italian division of AirplusTV.
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Boxer launches TV via broadband
Nov 28, 2008 – On December 1st, Sweden's Boxer will launch TV over broadband, also known as IPTV, on a select number of broadband networks.
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TDC: Increased earnings but continued pressure on revenue
Nov 5, 2008 – EBITDA for TDC (Copenhagen:TDC) increased by 4.4% to DKK 9.8bn during the first nine months of 2008 compared to the same period last year. YouSee cable TV subscribers increased to 1.134 million from 1.098 million one year ago.
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Sweden - Strong competition for Boxer in Q3
Oct 7, 2008 – At the end of September, Sweden's Boxer pay DTT service had 696,000 subscribers, a decrease of 5,000 in the third quarter, though still 3,000 more than at the same date last year. Boxer has also approved its first terrestrial PVR (from Sagem).
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Boxer MHEG Announcement Welcomed by IMPALA
Sep 29, 2008 – IMPALA, the International MHEG Promotion Alliance, has welcomed the recent announcement by Sweden-based pay-TV group Boxer that it has selected MHEG-5 as the interactive middleware to be included in all products marketed to receive its TV packages.
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Boxer includes MHEG-5 in receiver specification
Sep 18, 2008 – The DTT service operator Boxer will include the MHEG-5 format for interactivity in its technical specification for DTT receivers.
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TDC (YouSee) reports first half 2008 results
Aug 13, 2008 – Revenue for TDC (Copenhagen:TDC) declined by 1.3% to DKK 19.5bn compared with the first half of 2007. YouSee cable TV subscribers (analogue and digital) increased from 1.092 million at the end of June 2007 to 1.124 million at end-June 2008.
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MPEG-4 chosen for Irish Digital Terrestrial TV
Jul 31, 2008 – Communications Minister Eamon Ryan has announced that Ireland's first DTT trial will end on August 1st, 2008. The Minister announced the results of the trial, the technology chosen for digital TV in Ireland and a timeline for national rollout.
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