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Theatrical and Home Entertainment market exceeds $100bn for the first time in 2019
Mar 11, 2020 – The global entertainment market in 2019 topped $100 billion for the first time, reaching $101 billion, according to the Motion Picture Association. Home/mobile entertainment continued its explosive growth, reaching $58.8 billion.
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Global theatrical and home entertainment market at $96.8bn in 2018
Mar 21, 2019 – The global entertainment market reached $96.8 billion in 2018 – a 9% increase over 2017 – according to data released by the MPAA. Global home entertainment increased by 16% over 2017 levels to reach $55.7 billion.
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Global home entertainment consumer spending up 11% in 2017
Apr 4, 2018 – The global entertainment market is expanding on multiple fronts, according to data released by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Consumer spending for the combined theatrical and home entertainment markets has reached $88.4 billion worldwide.
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