Digital TV News: Chris Larson

Roku announces Roku TV HDR Reference Design
Jan 4, 2016 – Roku enters 2016 with plans for the first 4K UHD Roku TV models, the introduction of the Roku TV HDR reference design, and its TV OEM partners expect to introduce nearly 60 Roku TV models.
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TCL introduces premium TVs with Roku integrated
May 13, 2015 – TCL has announced that seven TCL Roku TVs will soon be available at major U.S. retailers. Following the launch of three 3700 series models, TCL is expanding its 2015 TCL Roku TV lineup with three 3800 Design Series models and four 3850 Decorator Series models.
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Roku announces Roku TV 4K plans
Jan 5, 2015 – Roku has announced its plans to support 4K Ultra HD streaming. The company has prepared a Roku TV reference design for 4K smart TVs for license to TV OEM partners. TCL is an initial partner to build 4K models.
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TCL announces Roku TV line-up for the U.S.
Aug 19, 2014 – TCL and Roku have announced availability of the TCL Roku TV line-up. TCL will offer four TCL Roku TV models: 32" 32FS4610R ($229), 40" 40FS4610R ($329), 48" 48FS4610R ($499), and 55" 55FS4610R ($649).
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