Digital TV News: DPP

The DPP reveals the greatest risks to a full IP future
Jun 6, 2019 – The DPP has released a report which looks at the challenges posed by the transition to full IP distribution of content to consumers. The report outlines the challenges that a group of experts believe could constrain the delivery of IP-based content distribution.
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Ooyala teams with DPP on metadata for news production
Feb 5, 2019 – Ooyala has announced that it will work with the DPP on its efforts to advance global news-industry standards for metadata. The DPP’s initiative is designed to help establish standards for application in every step of delivering news content.
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UK's DPP releases standard for the delivery of UHD programmes
Jan 27, 2016 – The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has announced a technical standard for the delivery of Ultra High Definition (UHD) programmes. The new standard will be adopted by all major UK broadcasters when they move to UHD programming.
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Malawi looking for help to develop Digital TV Migration Technical Plan
Apr 12, 2011 – Malawi has issued an RFP regarding the design of an appropriate DTT network and structures, including options and recommendations for DVB-T2, for the migration from analogue to digital television broadcasting in the country.
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IEEE Proposes Consumer-Ownable Digital Personal Property
Jun 4, 2010 – The Working Group developing IEEE P1817TM is currently being formed. P1817TM is a standard for the creation, distribution, and perpetual consumer-ownership of downloadable items of copyrighted works such as movies, music, books, and games.
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Entropic working with Echostar on Band Translation Switch
Jul 22, 2008 – Entropic Communications (Nasdaq:ENTR) has announced that the company is working with EchoStar (Nasdaq:SATS) to develop additional outdoor units leveraging Entropic's Band Translation Switch (BTS) technology.
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