Digital TV News: DVB Project

DVB unveils features of forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification
Sep 13, 2013 – At IBC, DVB will unveil its work incorporating the latest version of CI Plus Extensions (V1.4) into the forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification. The upcoming standard will enable IPTV to be delivered directly to the TV, without the need for a set-top box.
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Verimatrix helps TiVi S.A. future proof its DVB-T2 service in Haiti
Apr 9, 2013 – Verimatrix has announced that TiVi S.A. has deployed the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for DVB to provide revenue security for its DVB terrestrial (DVB-T2), one-way network in Haiti.
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Verimatrix Helps NetUno Enhance Revenue Security and Extend Competitive Advantage
Apr 8, 2013 – Verimatrix has announced that Venezuelan telecommunications services operator NetUno has deployed on the Verimatrix Video Content Authority (VCAS) architecture to provide revenue security for its popular NetUno TV Digital broadcast service.
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DVB approves Next Generation Handheld Specification
Oct 31, 2012 – DVB has announced that at its 72nd Steering Board meeting, approval was given to a new specification - DVB-NGH (Next Generation Handheld). Based on DVB-T2, there are many improvements and extensions in NGH to aid mobile and portable reception.
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DVB Steering Board Approves Phase 2a Of 3DTV Specification
Jul 11, 2012 – The DVB Project has announced that it has approved Phase 2a of the DVB-3DTV specification. The specification will be submitted to ETSI for standardisation. An amended DVB-3DTV BlueBook is to be published to reflect the additional specification.
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Steering Board Approves Update Of DVB-S2 For Use With Wideband Transponders
Jul 11, 2012 – At the 71st meeting of the DVB Steering Board, approval was given for an update of the DVB-S2 standard for use with wideband transponders. The update will allow efficient use of wideband transponders which are now becoming available.
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DVB at ANGA Cable 2012
May 30, 2012 – At this year's ANGA Cable, DVB will be exhibiting with ANGA. There will be a DVB-T2 demo received on a Vestel iDTV and Vestel set-top box and a DVB-C2 cable transmission received on a Sony DVB-C2 iDTV and DVB-C2 evaluation board.
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ARRIS to Display DVB-C2 Broadcast at Cable Congress 2012
Feb 15, 2012 – ARRIS (Nasdaq: ARRS) has announced its participation at this year's Cable Congress. ARRIS will present a live demonstration of how the ARRIS D5® Universal Edge QAM can support DVB-C2 broadcast and VOD in conjunction with Kabel Deutschland and Sony.
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DVB forms liaison with [email protected] Consortium
Nov 28, 2011 – An agreement confirming a liaison between the [email protected] Consortium and DVB has been signed. The purpose of the liaison is to encourage the development of standards for 3DTV, to share knowledge about 3D viewing, and to ensure that their work is complementary.
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