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Hathway Launches DVR Services based on NDS XTV™ DVR Technology
Mar 12, 2009 – NDS has announced that Hathway, the leading digital cable provider in India, has launched its ground-breaking Digital Box PLUS DVR solution, based on NDS XTV™ DVR technology.
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ADB Deploys First IPTV STB on North American Telco Network
Aug 9, 2007 – Advanced Digital Broadcast (SWX:ADBN) has announced that it has rolled-out its first commercial deployment of the ADB-3800W, high-definition (HD) IPTV set-top box (STB) featuring Minerva Networks' iTVManager software. The units have been deployed on North Dakota Telephone Company's (NDTC) network. The units have also been launched on over 30 Independent Operating Company (IOC) networks throughout North America.
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