Digital TV News: Digital Living Network Alliance

STMicroelectronics introduces Smart Home software platform
Sep 13, 2013 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has introduced its Smart Home software platform. ST Smart Home will power set-top boxes capable of managing home energy, automation and security systems in addition to providing access to multimedia content.
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ViXS announces world's first SoC with native support for 10-bit HEVC and Ultra HD 4K
Sep 11, 2013 – ViXS Systems (TSX: VXS) has announced its most advanced SoC solution for video devices in the pay television and consumer electronics markets, the XCode 6400, supporting the latest video codecs and broadcast resolution standards.
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STMicroelectronics powers Smart IPTV Set-Top Boxes from NTT Plala
Apr 22, 2013 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has revealed that its Orly system-on-chip (SoC) is powering a new generation of advanced set-top boxes announced from NTT Plala, an Internet / IPTV service provider in Japan. The STB was developed by Sumitomo Electric Networks.
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TVConnect sees ACCESS and Verimatrix launch 'studio confident' secure media sharing
Mar 20, 2013 – ACCESS CO. and Verimatrix have announced Verimatrix Gateway. The solution integrates NetFront Living Connect™, the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Technology Component™ from ACCESS, with Verimatrix security to provide a secure in-home media sharing solution.
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STMicroelectronics and SoftAtHome Demonstrate Secure Platform for MultiScreen Digital Services
Mar 20, 2013 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) and SoftAtHome have successfully demonstrated a client/server solution that will allow service providers to reach extra screens with an optimal user experience in subscribers' homes via a single, managed connection.
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ALi Corp integrates ACCESS NetFront DLNA with STB ICs
Mar 14, 2013 – ACCESS CO. has announced that ALi Corporation has selected ACCESS' DLNA solution NetFront™ Living Connect SDK to integrate with its set-top-box (STB) systems-on-a-chip. The ACCESS-powered ALi SoCs will ship to STB manufacturers from Q2, 2013.
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KAONMEDIA Launches Gateway Set-top Box Based On ViXS XCode Media Processor
Jan 9, 2013 – ViXS has announced that KAONMEDIA has chosen the ViXS XCode 4208 for its Entry Level Gateway (ELG). The ELG is a 'Headless Gateway' STB that transcodes and wirelessly streams content directly to client devices both on the home network and outside the home.
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AirTies integrates ACCESS DLNA-based media sharing
Jan 9, 2013 – ACCESS has announced that AirTies has integrated ACCESS' NetFront™ Living Connect with its home gateways and set-top boxes to enable DLNA-based media sharing throughout the home.
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Humax Enters Production of Next Generation DIRECTV 'Genie' Server
Jan 8, 2013 – Humax (115160.KQ) has announced the recent approval for production of their DIRECTV (NASDAQ: DTV) HR44-500 'Genie' server, which will be combined with the Humax-manufactured C41-500 'mini Genie' client which is currently undergoing final certification.
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