Digital TV News: Dominique Feral

Huawei licenses Frog by Wyplay STB middleware
Oct 21, 2014 – Huawei has announced that it is licensing the Frog by Wyplay open source middleware and intends to collaborate with its ecosystem to create next generation set-top box software.
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Rovi discovery integrated with Frog-by-Wyplay on show at TVConnect
Mar 18, 2014 – Wyplay and Rovi (NASDAQ: ROVI) are hosting a demonstration at TV Connect 2014 of the combination of the Frog middleware platform and Rovi discovery services, designed to showcase a turn-key solution for pay-TV operators and Frog community members.
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COSHIP joins the Frog By Wyplay initiative
Jan 9, 2014 – Shenzhen COSHIP Electronics has announced that it is joining the Frog By Wyplay initiative for their next generation TV software solution.
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Jiuzhou integrates FROG by Wyplay TV software
Jan 9, 2014 – Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric has announced that it has decided to join Frog by Wyplay initiative for its next generation STB platforms.
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Movea, STMicroelectronics and Wyplay show motion-based interactive TV user experience
Jan 8, 2014 – Movea, together with STMicroelectronics and Wyplay, is demonstrating how the integration of hardware, middleware and motion software brings easy and rapid deployment of motion-based user interfaces for connected home systems.
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Wyplay media gateway software running on ViXS XCode
Sep 13, 2013 – ViXS (TSX: VXS) has announced that their partnership with Wyplay has led to the development of an open platform for operator media gateways, customisable to have a look and feel based on the operator's unique requirements.
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WYPLAY announces launch of HTML5 Android TV platform
Mar 19, 2013 – WYPLAY has announced the launch of its HTML5 Android reference platform for chipset vendors, STB manufacturers, RCU companies and 3rd-party software houses. The platform combines Wyplay's Middleware with Android, managed by a pure HTML5 user interface.
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Wyplay Offers the New 'YouTube on TV' Application in Its Client Middleware for Operators
Aug 31, 2011 – WYPLAY has integrated the 'YouTube on TV' application into its client middleware and is now deploying it with its Vodafone customers.
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