Digital TV News: EBU Technical

EBU says LTE not a viable alternative to DTT distribution
Jul 31, 2014 – The EBU has released a report that examines the possibility of delivering broadcast content and services over LTE networks. The report concludes that LTE could be a useful complement to broadcast distribution platforms.
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EBU policy statement on Ultra HD TV
Jul 3, 2014 – The EBU has issued a document intended to guide strategic decisions in regard to UHDTV and future TV services. It is addressed at Senior Management of EBU Members and other broadcasters and at anyone who is a stakeholder in the audiovisual content industries.
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EBU TECHNICAL sets up 3DTV Study Group
Feb 15, 2010 – The EBU Technical Committee has approved the formation of an EBU Study Group on 3DTV. The general aim of the group will be to allow EBU Members with an interest in 3DTV to find a focal point for information and experience exchange.
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P2P-Next Project presents world's first video end-to-end streaming distribution
Sep 11, 2008 – P2P-Next, a pan-European conglomerate of 21 partners, has released its first version of NextShare, an Open Source P2P video delivery platform, at IBC 2008. NextShareTV is a set-top box implementation running on low-cost embedded hardware.
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