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UK to re-allocate 700MHz DTT spectrum to mobile broadband
Nov 19, 2014 – The UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, has announced a decision to allow mobile network operators to deliver mobile broadband using some of the 700MHz frequency band currently used for digital terrestrial TV services.
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No Ofcom investigation into Project Canvas
Oct 19, 2010 – Ofcom has announced that it will not open an investigation into 'Project Canvas' under the Competition Act following complaints made by Virgin Media (NASDAQ:VMED, LSE:VMED) and IPVision.
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Latest Figures Show Digital Cable Growth in Europe
Mar 3, 2010 – New industry figures announced at Cable Congress 2010 in Brussels reveal a 21% growth in European digital cable television subscribers to 21.5 million, representing 35% of all cable TV customers.
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Ofcom releases International Communications Market report
Dec 17, 2009 – Ofcom's International Communications Market data provides a snapshot of the communications market in twelve major economies and the four fast growing economies of Brazil, India, Russia and China in the five years to 2008.
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UK - Freeview set for HD channels
Oct 17, 2008 – Ofcom has decided to reserve a Freeview slot for ITV and another slot for Channel 4 with S4C to broadcast HD programmes, joining the BBC in being able to broadcast HD services on Freeview, starting with the UK's Granada region from late 2009.
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High-definition services to be available free-to-air on UK DTT
Apr 3, 2008 – Viewers across the UK will have the opportunity to access more TV channels, including programmes broadcast in high-definition (HD), as a result of a major technology upgrade of digital terrestrial television (DTT) to be facilitated by Ofcom.
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Ofcom Releasing spectrum for mobile television and satellite radio
Dec 7, 2007 – Ofcom has published details of its plans to auction radio spectrum suitable for a range of services including mobile television and satellite radio.
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Ofcom Proposes UK Digital Terrestrial Television Upgrade
Nov 21, 2007 – Ofcom has announced proposals for a significant upgrade of UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) that will offer more channels and new services. The proposed upgrade will create capacity allowing high definition television channels on DTT as early as 2009.
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Enabling new wireless technologies in the UK
Aug 9, 2007 – From 13 August 2007 Ofcom will remove the requirement to hold a licence to operate equipment using approved Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. UWB allows the transfer of large amounts of data (up to 2 Gb/s) over relatively short distances (around 30 metres).
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