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V-Nova announces PERSEUS video compression technology
Apr 1, 2015 – V-Nova has announced the public release of a number of video compression products based on its PERSEUS technology. PERSEUS offers 2-3x compression gains under practical operating scenarios versus H.264, HEVC and JPEG2000.
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EBU says LTE not a viable alternative to DTT distribution
Jul 31, 2014 – The EBU has released a report that examines the possibility of delivering broadcast content and services over LTE networks. The report concludes that LTE could be a useful complement to broadcast distribution platforms.
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EBU policy statement on Ultra HD TV
Jul 3, 2014 – The EBU has issued a document intended to guide strategic decisions in regard to UHDTV and future TV services. It is addressed at Senior Management of EBU Members and other broadcasters and at anyone who is a stakeholder in the audiovisual content industries.
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HbbTV already supported by 93% of European connected TVs
May 20, 2014 – According to the EBU, 93% of the connected televisions for sale in Europe support HbbTV and HbbTV services are being deployed by broadcasters throughout Europe.
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EBU publishes specification for subtitle distribution
Jan 30, 2014 – The EBU has published a new specification for the distribution of subtitles. The XML based EBU-TT-D format is a low-complexity way to combine subtitle text, styling, timing information, and positioning details.
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EBU project targets cross-platform authentication
Aug 12, 2013 – While the growth of internet-connected TV and radio receivers has opened up many new possibilities for online and hybrid services, authentication remains a blocking point. A solution to this problem would unlock the potential for a minor revolution in the usually anonymous world of broadcasting.
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Subjective testing confirms importance of frame rate for UHDTV
Aug 7, 2013 – The EBU's Broadcast Technology Futures (BTF) group is conducting a series of subjective tests at IRT's facilities. Early results give a clear indication that higher frame rates are appreciated by the observers, to a significantly greater extent than increased resolution.
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Sony to show 4K Ultra HD at MIPTV
Apr 3, 2013 – As part of its 50th anniversary theme of Screening the Future, MIPTV has partnered with Sony Corporation to present what will be the next game-changing innovation in television's evolution, ultra-high-definition. MIPTV will take place in Cannes, 8-11 April 2013.
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EBU Initiates First Large Scale MPEG-DASH Trial For London Olympics
Jul 31, 2012 – The commercial deployment of the MPEG-DASH standard is one step closer with the first live public trial. The DASH Promoters Group is facilitating live MPEG-DASH streaming of the 2012 London Olympics to demonstrate the benefits of the standard.
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