Digital TV News: Hantro

VeriSilicon AI video processor powers leading datacenters
Mar 1, 2021 – VeriSilicon (688521.SH) has announced that its VC9000 and VIP9400 in combination now offer AI Video processing, real-time AI video content analysis, scene-based video encoding, and AI pixel enhancements.
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VeriSilicon introduces multiformat decoder IP with VP9 Profile 2 support
Mar 2, 2015 – VeriSilicon has announced the availability of its Hantro G2v2 Multi-format Decoder IP to support Google’s VP9 Profile 2. This profile was introduced by the WebM project in 2014 to meet the industry’s requirement for higher precision content.
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VeriSilicon introduces Hantro H2 HEVC encoder semiconductor IP
Jul 15, 2014 – VeriSilicon has announced its next-generation Hantro H2 HEVC video encoder IP. Hantro H2 builds on the success of VeriSilicon’s Hantro H1 encoder IP, bringing ultra-high definition (UHD) and 4K resolution video encoding capability to the HEVC video format.
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VeriSilicon adds Hantro HEVC Main 10 Profile and AVS+ decoder IP
Apr 8, 2014 – VeriSilicon has announced the availability of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Main 10 Profile decoder in Hantro Video IP as well as the availability of AVS+ decoder IP to support HDTV and 3D TV services in China.
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VeriSilicon introduces Hantro G2 video decoder IP with HEVC and VP9 support
Jun 19, 2013 – VeriSilicon has announced the availability of its Hantro G2 multi-format video decoder IP supporting Ultra HD 4K decoding of HEVC video. The G2 IP also adds support for the upcoming VP9 web video format from the WebM Project.
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VeriSilicon Releases Hantro Video IP Products to Promote WebM and WebRTC
Feb 23, 2012 – VeriSilicon has announced immediate availability of Hantro G1v5 Multi-format Decoder and Hantro H1v5 Multi-format Encoder semiconductor IPs which support 4K x 4K video, achieved through core enhancements and improved memory latency resiliency.
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On2 Releases Hantro Multiformat Hardware Decoder with On2 VP6 Support
Oct 8, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Amex: ONT) has announced that it has released its new flagship hardware video decoder design, the Hantro™ 9190. The 9190 is the tenth generation of the Hantro line of decoders.
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On2 Technologies Introduces Hantro 9170 HD Video Decoder
Apr 9, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE AMEX:ONT) has announced the availability of its ninth-generation hardware video codec design, the Hantro™ 9170. The design supports video playback up to full HD (1080p) resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) in multiple formats.
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On2 Technologies Announces the Hantro™ 8270 Area and Speed Optimized 1080p Hardware Video Encoder
Feb 16, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Alternext: ONT) has announced the introduction of its latest hardware design, the Hantro™ 8270 1080p Encoder. The new design supports H.264 Baseline, Main and High Profile video along with 16Mpixel JPEG still images.
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