Digital TV News: Harris Broadcast

GatesAir wins DTT transition project in Ethiopia
Mar 8, 2016 – GatesAir has been awarded a contract for Ethiopia’s national digital TV (DTV) network. GatesAir will design, supply, install, test and commission a DVB-T2 over-the-air network solution for 26 new transmission sites, and upgrade systems at 74 existing facilities.
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GatesAir demonstrates DVB-T2 and LTE-A+ convergence
Apr 7, 2014 – At NAB 2014, GatesAir demonstrated Tower Overlay, a delivery model that simultaneously transmits both standard over-the-air DTV signals and broadcast LTE data allowing mobile devices to decode and display broadcast content.
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FUTURECAST broadcast system for ATSC 3.0 on show at NAB2014
Apr 2, 2014 – FUTURECAST was co-developed by LG Electronics, its U.S. R&D subsidiary Zenith, and GatesAir as the foundation of next-generation terrestrial broadcasting in the United States and around the world.
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Kuwait TV selects Harris DVB-T2 transmission technology
Feb 26, 2014 – Harris Broadcast has announced that Kuwait TV has selected the company's distribution and over-the-air transmission technology as part of the region's first end-to-end DVB-T2 implementation.
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India's Doordarshan selects Harris for nationwide digital transition
Jan 15, 2014 – Harris Broadcast has announced that it has been selected by national broadcaster Doordarshan to deploy a new DVB-T2 transmission infrastructure across India.
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Saudi Broadcasting Corporation Continues Migration to DVB-T2 Digital TV with Harris Broadcast
Mar 12, 2013 – Harris Broadcast has secured a new DVB-T2 transmission order from Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) as the country continues its transition to a national network of digital transmitters and satellite services. The latest phase of the program will add transmitters to sites in Aded and Yabren.
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Harris Secures Digital TV Transmission Contract with NURTS Digital EAD in Bulgaria
Nov 14, 2012 – NURTS Digital (formerly Towercom) has awarded Harris (NYSE:HRS) a contract to transition Bulgaria to DVB-T digital television. The project will spread services into more sparsely populated rural areas as the country moves towards analogue TV switch-off.
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Harris to Migrate Republic of Togo to DVB-T2 Digital TV
Sep 6, 2012 – Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) has been selected as the technology vendor of choice for a country-wide digital TV transition project in the West African state of Togo. Harris will completely renew the country's broadcast TV infrastructure.
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Worldwide Hybrid Web-to-TV Set Top Box Market Will Reach US$ 1.3 Billion by 2014
Aug 10, 2010 – Hybrid Web-to-TV Set Top Boxes will bring a new set of Internet services to TV sets. The value of Hybrid Set Top Boxes that are immediately put into use will reach US$ 1.3 Billion worldwide by 2014, according to In-Stat.
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