Digital TV News: Jacques Bourgninaud

Wyplay to work on HD and 4K DVR enhancements for Vrio
Dec 4, 2018 – Wyplay has announced that it has been contracted to work on enhancements to the newly launched HD and 4K DVRs for Latin America and SKY Brasil. The hybrid products provide satellite and internet enabled video streams and ISDB-T.
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Wyplay powers 4K Android IPTV STB from Proximus
Nov 28, 2018 – Proximus has introduced its V6 set-top box (STB) running Wyplay's latest generation Android software. Wyplay enabled Proximus to successfully transition from Linux to Android with a complete software solution and integration services.
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Wyplay introduces an Android TV Operator Tier Launcher
Jun 13, 2018 – Wyplay has announced the introduction of an Android TV Operator Tier Launcher as part of its existing suite of user experience products. The Operator Tier Launcher has been added to Wyplay’s Linux, iOS and Android applications.
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Canal+ unveils hybrid 4K ultra HD STB powered by Frog by Wyplay
Jan 25, 2018 – Canal+ Group has unveiled its new 4K ultra HD STB powered by Wyplay. Fully hybrid, with streams coming from satellite and internet, this new 4K ultra HD STB delivers a new user experience with an unrivalled fluidity.
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Telefónica deploys IPTV STBs in Latin America with Wyplay
Jan 4, 2018 – Telefónica has announced the deployment of IPTV STBs in Latin America based on Frog Source software. Wyplay was selected by Telefónica to become part of the ecosystem of middleware component providers for Telefónica IPTV STBs.
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Technicolor becomes Frog by Wyplay Community Member
May 16, 2017 – Wyplay has announced that Technicolor has become a Frog by Wyplay licensee. Technicolor has integrated Wyplay’s open source middleware in CPE offerings for pay TV operators in markets across Latin America, India and South East Asia.
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Telefónica selects Frog Source solution from Wyplay
Dec 13, 2016 – Telefónica has started a project to create an Open Middleware solution to integrate in some set-top boxes, based on the Frog Source solution from Wyplay. Frog Source provides fully documented source code for all of Wyplay’s set-top box software components.
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MStar bundles Wyplay Frog with hybrid STB chipset
Sep 8, 2016 – Wyplay and MStar Semi have announced that the Frog Client turnkey solution is integrated on MStar Hybrid STB chipset. This bundled offer may be extended to other MStar product in the future.
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Wyplay Frog to be pre-integrated on ALi STB SoCs
Sep 2, 2016 – ALi and Wyplay have announced their collaboration to have Wyplay’s Frog Turnkey solution pre-integrated on ALi’s set-top box SoCs. Skyworth Digital will be one of the first to offer the complete solution.
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