Digital TV News: Jarno Haikonen

Amazon Prime Video now available on DNA Hubi devices
Aug 20, 2021 – DNA has expanded its DNA TV Hubi service with the addition of Amazon Prime Video. In addition to other popular streaming services, the Amazon Prime Video app is now available on DNA Hubi devices.
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DNA Android TV deployment powered by Amino
Sep 14, 2017 – Amino is providing DNA with both mobile and STB service delivery for its multiscreen TV. DNA has further expanded its TV service with Amino’s MOVE cloud TV platform to support the recent launch of TV-hubi – its Android TV 4K UHD device.
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DNA Welho OTT has 100,000 subscribers in Finland
Sep 4, 2014 – Finland's DNA Welho has announced that its MatkaTV service now has 100,000 subscribers. MatkaTV users may now also take advantage of the Chromecast media player to view recordings and TV channels on their TV screen.
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