Digital TV News: John Gildred

Piksel integrates Intertrust ExpressPlay Mobile SDK
Apr 9, 2014 – Piksel and Intertrust have announced the availability of PikselGuard 4 with Marlin DRM, an open standard digital rights management platform. PikselGuard 4 incorporates Intertrust's ExpressPlay™ mobile SDK for Marlin DRM protection.
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Intertrust announces ExpressPlay™ cloud-based content protection
May 22, 2013 – Intertrust has announced 'ExpressPlay™', a content protection solution-as-a-service that is simple and cost-effective to implement by any service provider yet strong enough to protect high-value entertainment and media content including video, audio, ebooks and games.
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SyncTV Demonstrates Proof-of-Concept Hardware for Viewing HD Downloads on TVs
Jan 7, 2008 – SyncTV will demonstrate a proof-of-concept device that will play downloads, including 1080p HD video content on a television set at this year's CES show.
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SyncTV Launches Beta of 'Unlimited Download' Service for TV Shows
Nov 19, 2007 – SyncTV has announced the private beta launch of its TV download service, which will provide home-theater quality TV shows on an unlimited download basis. Completely based on open-standards, the SyncTV service works on Windows PCs, Macs and Linux PCs, and in the future it will also work on TVs and portable players.
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