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TVU Networks and KT to establish 5G UHD broadcast network in Korea
Mar 20, 2019 – TVU Networks has announced a partnership with KT to bring UHD broadcast over KT’s 5G enterprise network. Under the agreement, KT and TVU Networks will work together to establish an enterprise 5G network and related broadcast capabilities in Korea.
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Arianespace to launch KOREASAT-7
Mar 14, 2017 – For its fourth launch of the year Arianespace will orbit two satellites: SGDC for VISIONA Tecnologia Espacial S.A. on behalf of the Brazilian operator Telebras, and KOREASAT-7 for the South Korean operator KT Sat.
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KAONMEDIA STB with AI home assistant deployed by Korea Telecom
Feb 22, 2017 – KAONMEDIA's AI-based TV set-top box has been successfully commercialized by Korea Telecom. GiGA Genie, an IP set-top box, provides home assistant and home IoT services alongside TV set-top box features.
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KT chooses Conexant Voice Processor for Virtual Assistant Media Hub
Feb 21, 2017 – Conexant Systems has announced that KT is utilizing its AudioSmart CX20921 Far-Field Voice Input Processor to help the new GiGA Genie voice-controlled virtual assistant media hub to hear users' requests accurately.
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MPEG LA expands HEVC license coverage
Mar 19, 2015 – MPEG LA has announced that the coverage of its HEVC Patent Portfolio License has been updated to conform with recent revisions to the HEVC standard as defined in Recommendation ITU-T H.265 v2 (10/2014).
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KT adds 224,000 IPTV subscribers in 4Q 2014
Jan 30, 2015 – KT Corporation (KRX:030200/NYSE:KT) has released its 4th Quarter 2014 results. olleh tv IPTV subscribers reached 5.859 million at the end of the year, up 224,000 in the quarter and 891,000 versus the end of 2013.
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MPEG LA offers HEVC patent portfolio license
Sep 29, 2014 – MPEG LA has announced the availability of the HEVC Patent Portfolio License. The joint license includes patents that are essential to the High Efficiency Video Coding standard (HEVC, also known as H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2).
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KT launches Broadcom-enabled Ultra HD IPTV service in Korea
Sep 12, 2014 – Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM) has announced that its Ultra high-definition (HD) system-on-chip (SoC) technology has enabled KT to launch one of South Korea's first 4K in-home IPTV media services.
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IPTV subscribers hit 10 million in Korea
Aug 19, 2014 – According to the Korea Digital Media Industry Association there are now more than 10 million IPTV subscribers in South Korea. Commercial IPTV services were launched at the beginning of 2009, reaching 9 million subscribers at the end of March 2014.
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