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PeerLogix and Gravy Analytics partner to create audience discovery segments
Nov 1, 2018 – PeerLogix (OTC:LOGX) has announced a data-focused partnership with Gravy Analytics, a real-world location intelligence company, designed to allow marketers to target consumers across channels based on a union of the companies’ extensive data sets.
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180byTwo integrates PeerLogix' OTT viewership data
Sep 11, 2018 – PeerLogix (OTCQB: LOGX) and 180byTwo have announced that the two companies have created a direct integration, allowing 180byTwo to incorporate Peerlogix’s OTT data into its B2B and B2C audience segment offerings.
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Adobe integrates LiveRamp to power people-based TV campaigns
Jul 31, 2018 – LiveRamp (NASDAQ: ACXM) has announced that Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) is integrating LiveRamp’s IdentityLink for TV. This enables advertisers to engage in addressable TV advertising using the same audiences they already deploy through Adobe while unlocking household-level insight.
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PeerLogix OTT data now available through leading demand-side platform
May 16, 2018 – PeerLogix (OTCQB: LOGX) has announced that its audio/video consumption data is now available in one of the world's largest omnichannel Demand Side Platforms (DSP) in the digital advertising industry. The partnership is powered by LiveRamp, a provider of omnichannel identity resolution.
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TVSquared and LiveRamp provide audience-level insights into TV ad performance
Mar 6, 2018 – TVSquared has partnered with LiveRamp (NASDAQ: ACXM) for audience-driven TV attribution. With audience-level insights into TV performance, advertisers can now understand who is responding to TV advertising and optimize spend for target audiences.
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LiveRamp launches IdentityLink for television
Mar 5, 2018 – LiveRamp (NASDAQ: ACXM) has announced the extension of its IdentityLink platform to television. For the first time, brands, agencies, programmers and technology platforms will be able to execute people-based TV media planning, buying and measurement that is scalable and secure across the TV ecosystem.
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comScore launches OTT and gaming audience segments
Feb 6, 2018 – comScore has announced that it has expanded its Activation solution to incorporate console gaming and OTT audience segments. The segments help marketers and media companies target these consumers with tailored messages based on their streaming and gaming intensity.
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AppNexus integrates with Tru Optik's OTT Marketing Cloud
Nov 8, 2017 – AppNexus and Tru Optik have announced that connected TV buyers and sellers using AppNexus' platform will be able to segment and target audiences based on data offered through the integration of Tru Optik's OTT Marketing Cloud.
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Tru Optik and LiveRamp make first-party data actionable across connected TVs
Feb 21, 2017 – Tru Optik and LiveRamp (NASDAQ: ACXM) have announced their partnership. Using Tru Optik capabilities, brands will be able to use their first-party data to create targeted OTT and connected TV (CTV) campaigns.
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