Digital TV News: Magyar Telekom

Zenterio OS to be rolled out in Deutsche Telekom's European footprint
Apr 27, 2015 – Zenterio has announced that they will deliver their operating system Zenterio OS to Deutsche Telekom’s seven TV markets. Zenterio OS has already been rolled out in Telekom Romania, Slovak Telekom and Magyar Telekom.
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Zenterio integrates Ekioh HTML5 browser
Nov 20, 2014 – Zenterio has announces that the company has integrated Ekioh’s HTML5 TV Browser with its Zenterio OS. Ekioh’s TV Browser provides Zenterio with HTML5 features including the ability to support HTML5 middleware and render the latest OTT portals from within their TV operating system UI.
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Hungary adds 26,000 digital pay TV subscribers in 3Q 2014
Nov 3, 2014 – According to Hungary’s Office of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), in September 2014, the number of digital pay TV households in the country was 2,118,076, up 25,650 from the 2,092,426 at the end of June 2014.
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Zenterio delivers software solution to Telekom Romania
Sep 15, 2014 – Telekom Romania (formerly Romtelecom) has announced the rollout starting from October of a new IPTV solution, with Zenterio OS – Zenterio’s software platform – as a key component.
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ACCESS to show integration with Zenterio OS at IBC
Sep 2, 2014 – ACCESS CO. and Zenterio have announced the integration of ACCESS’ TV-centric browser with Zenterio OS. Magyar Telekom and M7 Group, two operators in Europe, have already deployed the solution.
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Hungary adds 12,000 pay TV subscribers in 2Q 2014
Jul 28, 2014 – According to the Office of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), in June 2014, the number of digital pay TV households in Hungary was 2,092,426, up from 1,949,845 in June 2013.
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Crnogorski Telekom adds catch-up TV feature
Jul 18, 2014 – Crnogorski Telekom (CT) has announced the addition of catch-up tv to its Extra TV IPTV service. Customers can now view, at any time and at no extra charge, content broadcast over the previous 48 hours.
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Magyar Telekom deploys Zenterio OS on two STBs
Mar 19, 2014 – Zenterio has announced that Magyar Telekom has deployed its Zenterio Operating System on two set-top boxes (STBs) that will support both PVR and interactive, multi-room TV services.
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Over 400,000 TV subscribers for Magyar Telekom
Feb 4, 2014 – Magyar Telekom has announced that the number of the subscribers to its IPTV and Interactive Sat TV (satellite) services has exceeded 400 thousand with further growth expected in 2014.
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